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Aedan CryptoBank ™ is a Publicly traded financial institution in the US OTCBB open to all securities investors with no minimum requirements. Token sales are offered yet not all individuals qualify for purchase.


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BTC: $7901.34

LTC: $83.33

ETH: $463.36


Asset backed secured Decentralized crypto banking.


There is no fee to open and or maintain crypto currency wallets with Aedan.

(Minimum deposits depending on token type may apply)


Buy a Crypto Certificate of Deposit with a

5% fixed variable APY.

Zenith Visa Card

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Aedan CryptoBank ™ is a Decentralized Ubiquitous Crypto Currencies Reserve which specializes in converting qualified crypto currencies into fiat currency without losing value.

Bringing the future of secured blockchain cloud fintech & asset backed crypto currencies to the world.

Meet the team

Eric Fitzgerald
Co-founder of Aedan Inc

Mr. Fitzgerald is a Former Intelligence & Defense Contractor Specializing in Signal intelligence, Preemptive Security Solutions , Vulnerability Assessments , and Information Technology Forensics.

Mr. Fitzgerald is known for the Invention of the world's first browser deployed cloud based operating system developed in 2003 with Co-founder and best friend Gong Fanson.

Aedan Inc was formed in 2010 in China which focused on brining Ubiquitous Cloud Based desktops, Gaming Systems, and Applications to the world on any internet connected device.

Aedan Inc branched out and incorporated in Delaware in early 2015 and Co-founded with Sammy Yu and Gong Fanson to establish a US Market for their AedanOS Cloud Spaces.

2013: Mr. Fitzgerald joined as an investor & Board Member to G3T LIV3 Inc , a PC Game Streaming service founded in 2012 competing with OnLive which both companies failed to perform and died in 2015.

Neil Cresswell
Chief Cloud Architect

Neil Cresswell is a technologist who has spent the last 18 years working with VMware Technologies, and more lately transitioned to emergent technologies such as Docker.

Neil is the founder of a company called, which is an open-source "human friendly" Management UI for Docker; the founder of, which is a Indonesia-centric Docker Container as a Service Provider (and which provided the initial inspiration for Portainer), and is the co-founder of a NZ company called Emerging Technology Partners. Neil is also an advisor to a company called gpnow, which is a virtual consultation application for Doctors.

Neil obtained initial exposure to Docker technologies through his previous role as CEO of IndonesianCloud, a Public Cloud provider based in Jakarta. At that time, he foresaw the transformative effect that Docker would bring and the impact it would have on traditional IaaS and Infrastructure providers. Neil retrained himself in Docker, obtaining vast exposure through enduring the early pain of Docker versions 1.6. Neil spent considerable time understanding how to productionise and operationalise Docker, which is what initiated, as a way for "every day IT folk" to deploy and manage Docker.

Back in NZ, Neil is providing advisory services through Emerging Technology Partners, sharing insight and vision in regards to the adoption of Docker and surrounding technologies.

Neil's prior experiences include running the VMware Pre-Sales team for the ASEAN region, holding the CTO and Principal Consultant role for a Cloud consulting company called CloudFX based out of Singapore, and as a Solutions Architect for IBM.

Nick Alaniz
Computer Scientist
Specializing in Gaming Systems Engineering.
Former CEO of G3T LIV3 Inc.

From 2015 to 2018, Nick Alaniz was recruited into the Aedan Inc team to focus on virtualization in which he is currently being further educated in this subject.

Sammy Yu
Co-founder of Aedan Inc
Investor in G3T LIV3 Inc

Sammy Yu is The Former CFO of Aedan Inc with experience in Financial Technology and Private Banking.

From 2004 to 2008 Attended Galileo Academy of Science and Technology.

From 2008 to 2009 Private Banker for Bank of America.

From 2009 to 2013 General Manager of Bee Automotive.

2015 Investor & Board Member at G3T LIV3 Inc.

2015 to Present Co-founder of Aedan Inc

Gong Fanson
Former CEO of Aedan Inc USA
2018 Blockchain & Crypto Mining Mogul

2003 to 2010 Real estate & Luxury Condo Designer turned Innovator gave birth to the idea of the first true cloud computing technology in 1998 with the vision of hosting ubiquitous emulated operating systems and streaming them securely through any Internet connected web browser.

2013 Invested in OnLive before it was eventually defunct and its intellectual property sold to Sony Entertainment in 2015 where he Co-Founded Aedan Inc USA with Eric Fitzgerald and Sammy Yu.

Guy Conner
Global Datacenter Architect
Blockchain & BigData

A result-oriented, performance-driven Business Development Executive, Guy Connor has a vast background in technology development, market entry strategy and business to business acquisitions.

Guy is a proven innovator in data intelligence with the ability to monetize complex business models to dramatic increase in revenues. Added to that, he has in-depth background in building, negotiating, maintaining and driving scalable direct sales and channel initiatives.

Guy demonstrates comprehensive skills in strategic and tactical planning in support of corporate and/or investor benchmarks.

Known as a proactive leader, Guy has excellent communication and negotiation skills, crucial in closing large, complex agreements. He also possesses a strong ability to successfully relate, work and adapt to diverse people and cultures.

A driven self-starter, Guy has an exceptional record of high performance in achieving quick turnarounds with measurable and sustainable improvement to business structure, process, organization and ultimately the bottom line.

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